Sunday, September 4, 2011

Think Music

Thinking music, is like music that makes you think(duh)

Ok let me try to be a little more specific, theres music out there that will just put you into doubt. I think a lot of that has to do with the artist(Adele) and I think a lot has to do with the type of music(soul, acoustic).

They say songs can set a mood, thus theres those songs that set a mood of silence of deep thought. It can be all genres, it can be lyrically initated, any number of factors.

Some favorite songs of mine that always get me just into thought are:
Coldplay- Yellow
Kanye West- Street Lights
John Mayer- Who Says

These are all songs that tell stories, and when your thinking its usually in story mode right. I mean you might be thinking about how your gonna do on a test, or about your family situation, or what you plan on doing this weekend but those are all stories of your life.

Music is so important in society and in thought, a good song can definitely have an impact on your life. No wonder couples have "their song" or a wedding song.

Fresh Start

I didnt even know I still had this blog, I wanted to re-start a fresh blog in order to keep down my thoughts. I'm sure I will probably stop again but for now, as of right right now I am dedicated to writing on this thing as much as I can.

Basically the whole point of me getting back into blogging is just to write down my thoughts, I can care less if anybody follows this blog or likes what I have to say but I as do many people in the world have many thoughts. I want a forum to put these thoughts down and remember them. I could of started a journal or written a book(one day) but for now I will resort to this blog in order to post my thoughts on life mostly but really anything that comes to mind.

I really believe people spend too much time worrying about other peoples thoughts and ideas. Always seeing what others have to say, or worrying about others opinions when it is your own that should come first.

Anyway I just hope to write down whatever comes to my mind and hopefully look back on this blog and say wow. I believe writing things down or sharing your thoughts can relieve a TON of stress or pressure on someone so thats what I hope to achieve, a clearing of the mind I suppose.

I choose not to create a tumblr or something like that because I believe tumblr is more social network, whereas this blog is more or a narrative or editorial of sorts that has less to do with interaction and more with just thoughts on everything and more of a private thing. That was a horrible explanation but hopefully whoever reads this gets the point.

That being said hopefully I continue to write on this and hopefully everyone is having a great Sunday. GOD Bless.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Kanye West is Heartless

the video is dope.
but i'm all but sure the album is gonna suck. He lost all his swagger all his edge, everything that made kanye, KANYE its gone. All the songs i've heard off the album so far, the only one i think is any good is RoboCop. All the other songs just dont sound like him. I hate the fact that he's using autotune on every song. His raw voice is wayyy better, it makes the words he says more powerful, everytime i hear him in autotune now i think its a joke. Thats not him, thats not what he's all about. He's basically turning his back on all his fans, or atleast me damnit!. I'm still hlding out hope for the rest of the songs i hear, and i'm still gonna listen to the album but no way is it gonna be close to the other 3 albums. Matter fact i would put it in this order...

1. Late Registration
2. College Dropout
3. Graduation
4. 808's & Heartbreaks

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I cant really describe it in words. But everything went right. I mean first and foremost i'm still alive. But im sayin like the entire day was just great. Like I actually accomplished stuff and it almost got screwed up at the very end cuz somebody i kno cant keep their mouth shut, but its all good i mean i guess it wasnt like they told me anything bad. Actually they told me something really good but still... but still.

Anyway this has been in my head for the longest time now, and I thot it fit this blog post perfectly...

Yesterday was a Good Day. I hope YOU have a good day.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Obama= Dead Man Walking

I'm telling you
I'm telling you
I'm telling you

Barrack Obama is in serious danger. Whenever people ask me why do you want John McCain to be president instead of Obama, I always bring up that McCain has more experience but to be honest my deepest fear has always been the possibility that Obama might be assassinated. A lot of people believe thats a stupid reason to not vote or support Obama, but to me its a serious concern.

I'm sure by now you've all heard that federal agents found a plot by 8 skinheads who all met online and were planning to kill Obama. Hearing shit like that just makes me cringe. I feel bad for the guy, just because he is black(AND WHITE!!!) people feel that he isnt good enough to be President of the United States.

If Obama is elected President which i think he will be, then there better be some serious security on this man. Im sure their will be plenty of assassination plots or attempts on his life throughout his term as President and it really isnt fair, but that just shows the type of world were still living in.

As nieve as it may be for me to say that I dont want Obama to be President because i think he might be killed, I think it must be seriously considered not when you vote but just as a thought. The thought of a man being killed because of the color of his skin is not right nor should it be condoned.

Hopefully this blog and the many others who feel this way, speak up about this so that something can be said or taught or done to somehow find a solution to this problem.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Coke in Coke

I was sittin at work this past weekend, watching some football with some of the guys i be workin with. & this dr.pepper commercial comes on and one of the guys says man i love dr.pepper, and this other dude is like naw pepsi is better.

Me and my friend start laughin at him cuz dude is old, and were like man i thot you would like Coke not Pepsi. Cuz you know how old ppl love Coke and all that shit from back in the day.

So old dude tells us that ya EVERYONE used to love coke. And we were like ya why was that... and he tells us that their was a secret ingredient in the drink

I was dying. We both thought he was full of shit. and he was like ask your dad he'll tell you... problem is my dad was in africa during those days so he dont really kno.

I looked it up tho and dude was rite.

"After 1904, Coca Cola started using, instead of fresh leaves, "spent" leaves - the leftovers of the cocaine-extraction process with cocaine trace levels left over at a molecular level.[24] To this day, Coca Cola uses as an ingredient a cocaine"

ok so that last sentence, i cut off, the use an ingredient 2 this day, but its cocaine free. that would be so siick tho if we could drink Coke with cocaine in it. ppl would all be addicted to coke.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Uhhh... A-MAZING!

Ok so as i promised i got you that youtube of my boy Jason Mraz performing "Im Yours" on Ellen 2days ago. I woulda posted earlier but i was super busy doing absolutely nothing.

anyway as usual it was a great performance. He's really really good live, and he's coming to phx November something im not sure but Ima be there FO SHO. so ya sit back at the office(sammy) or at skool or at home or wherever you at and enjoy some good music.

Dude is so awesome he even volunteered his body for charity, dude is a G. And damn i would love to be able to pull wearin hats like that.

Jason Mraz he does it all.